7 Red Loyalty Program

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Today we’re talking about 7 Red Casino, a new competitor in the world of online gaming that looks to impress gamblers with ultra-cool graphics, great deposit bonuses, and sensational online play. Of all the online casinos that our staff has ever tested, it is fairly easy to agree that 7 Red by far the sharpest looking gaming room graphics-wise. That’s only one part of the equation, however, which is why we will take an in-depth look at the 7 Red casino loyalty program.

7 Red Overview

7 Red was created using the most advanced graphics ever implemented in the world of online gaming, which is why thousands of new players flock to their website daily for a taste of some truly great gambling action. In fact, just about every game inside their casino is available to play instantly, for free, straight from their homepage, so everyone gets to test out the spectacular slots, blackjack, keno, and other games before making an actual deposit. From what we’ve seen so far their customer service also appears to be top-notch and they have all the necessary security protocols in place as well. 7 Red Casino Loyalty Program Overview Of course, fancy graphics does not make an online casino, so let’s get down to what you really want to know about.

The 7 Red casino loyalty program works a few different ways; it rewards players on their initial deposits, it gives them incentives as they gamble on the website, and it also grants long-term perks in the form of giveaways and comps. Compared to other online gambling websites this program may appear a little bit weaker than you’d expect…there are no massive cash-back programs and a lot less goodies in the mail as well. 7 Red is not real big on freebies either; they do not even have a loyalty store like many of the other websites do. Instead, they simply give instant cash bonuses on your deposits and let you figure out what to do with it.

The main promotion at 7 Red is linked to deposits (not the actual bets), which leaves the process fairly easy to manipulate. When a player deposits $100, for example, their account is flagged for a 10% instant bonus for life. At $500 it goes to 15%, and the incentive maxes out on a $2,000 deposit which gives a 25% instant deposit bonus. Here’s the kicker though…there’s nothing stopping anyone from depositing the $2,000 and gambling only with the $500 in free money. The $2,000 can be withdrawn after three days time and simply re-deposited again for another quick $500 in free money; there’s no limitations on cashing out any winnings under this program either. 7 Red Loyalty Program Conclusion Our staff really has mixed feelings about 7 Red’s bonus policy for many reasons, but mainly our worry is that they can not support this type of bonus program far into the future.

A smart gambler with $2,000 in the bank can really abuse the heck out of it by making a 1-time deposit, getting the 25% instant bonus cash incentive, and only placing wagers in the future off of the 25% bonus they get off of subsequent deposits. In fact, if gamblers are not already doing that everyday then they’re really not thinking the whole thing through…7 Red has literally made it almost impossible to lose any money at this website. At the same time, however, several of our staff members have gambled at 7 Red and absolutely loved the quality of the games.

In all honesty it is the most addictive website we’ve ever gambled at; everything is beautifully laid out so that it feels like a regular video game. The creators of 7 Red probably made this promotion thinking that since they are the best gaming site around, people will naturally continue to play there regardless of the bonus and incentive offers that are available…and they may be right. Those who get in on their massive instant deposit bonuses for life will definitely eat up a lot of their profits, however, so if you’re going to get in on this promotion then you’d better do it today. They can not possibly offer a loyalty bonus that good forever.